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J. Walter Thompson (JWT) was an advertisement holding company incorporated in 1896 by American advertising pioneer James Walter Thompson. The company was acquired in 1987 by multinational holding company WPP plc, and in November 2018, WPP merged J. Walter Thompson with fellow agency Wunderman to form Wunderman Thompson.

A former employee mentioned, "JWT used to be a great company to work for. We are always moving forward with new technology. Everyone is respected for their opinions and expertise. We are understaffed in the IT area, but what we do is valued."


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Becario says

"- falta de profesionalidad, Mala atmósfera"

Empleado actual - Diseñador Digital says

"lo malo es que el sueldo es bajo y cuesta mucho que te reconozcan tus logros"

Director De Arte Senior says

"Demasiado poco disruptiva e innovadora para ser una empresa de ideas. En el momento en el que estuve, la empresa atravesaba la crisis de identidad de cambio de paradigma de agencia tradicional a digital e innoación y se notaba la falta de avance."

Account Manager says

"No exitse crecimiento profesional (es casi imposible tener un puesto mayor al que te contrataron). Muchas personas aplican la ley del minimo esfuerzo sabiendo que otras personas terminaran retomando el proyecto. Ambiente toxico debido al alto nivel de demanda y estres."

Copy Junior says

"Poca organización y poca convivencia entre empleados para seguir con un mejor ambiente de trabajo además de no procurar a sus trabajadores y reconocerlos"

Analista De Nóminas says

"-no hay plan de crecimiento -no hay aumentos en mucho tiempo - no hay horario de salida -trabajo mucha presión -ambiente laboral malo -edificio en remodelación"

Empleado actual - Empleado anónimo says

"Demasiadas horas extra sin pagar"

Empleado actual - Especialista en estrategia de redes sociales says

"Puede ser un poco abrumador. Si lo que quieres es fichar al entrar y al salir este no es tu sitio. Si quieres aprendizaje intensivo e impulsarte en proyectos mientras aprendes un montón, este es tu lugar."

Media Finance / Media Buyer (Former Employee) says

"this is a company that changes hands on a regular basis. there is no job security. the training i received while there was great. the atmosphere was great and relaxed most of the time"

Senior Production Manager (Former Employee) says

"loved the job - great team- always ready to pitch in when needed in ever changing evnvironments - hard working - no egos - lots of variety, lots of hours,"

Senior Art Director / Creative Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I think JWT is a great place to get your feet wet creatively. I really liked the people there. They were always fun. And the perks were good too."

Senior Art Director / Creative Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I would recommend JWT to others. It was a fun place to work and the people were really great."

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